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  • Bamboo Arrow shafts
  • Bamboo Arrow shafts

Bamboo Arrow shafts

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Product Description

Bamboo arrow shafts

33" of top quality Tonkin bamboo arrow shafts.

Sold per dozen. Perfect for any traditional bow and known by some as natures carbon shaft. These bamboo shafts are hand weighed and will be supplied as closely matched as we can.

Tonkin bamboo arrow shafts are becoming increasingly popular with traditional archers due to their strength and durability.

For guidance choose bamboo shafts 5lb stiffer than your normal wood arrow shaft choice.


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  1. Natures Carbon - A must for Field Archers

    Posted by Rob Halliwell on 28th Oct 2013

    Made a few sets of these now - not all shafts bought from LBS admittedly.

    The advantage of sourcing from LBS is that most of the shafts have been weighed and show the grain weight. The range of spine weights is much closer than woodies but it is difficult to actually spine test them with my ACE tester due to the fact that they are not entirely straight and are tapered.

    This is not a disadvantage and shouldn't put you off. Chose a spine range 5lb higher that you would for woodies. Fix the point wight of your choice and do a bare shaft test at 5 yds and 10 yds and focus your eyes on a single spot. Don't look at the arrow pile look at the dot and shoot all of the piled shafts three or four dozen times. Make a set out of the ones that consistently group together. Trust me bent or not they fly straight and take more abuse from trees, bushes and butts than woodies.

    Before bare shaft testing remember to number them or you won't know which ones are doing what!

    Sounds long winded but really allows you to get the best out of them.

    I use the same set with my 50lb KTB, my 50lb Flatbow and my 54lb Aidy Hayes Longbow - Got a Falco Storm on order and can't wait to try them with that too.

    Always plug booth ends - use an Arrowfix tool or 4mm drill in a Blackk and Decker to remove the pith. Put the pointy bit on the fat end and use 1/4" or 9/32" fit over nocks on the skinny end.

    My preferred pile weight is 63grn - the buggers go for miles on Roving Marks and are devastating at short field distances. Bloody good all-round arrows.

    Custom cut your own 4.5" plain shield feathers with silk binding they look awesome and only need one coat of varnish on the shafts.

    What you wiring for then...convinced?

  2. Fantastic Arrows

    Posted by Hamish on 1st Aug 2012

    I purchased a dozen of these shafts and after plenty of resaerch set about making a set. I used the Arrow-fix tool to drill the shafts out to glue in the dowels, truy an excellent tool once you get the hang of it (not essential to fork out for the Arrow-fix to build bamboo arrows). In doing this it took a little practice to get the hang of it and lost a little length on a few arrows. I found the tapering of the nock end a little tricky (probably need to sharpen my tool) and used the Tang Points at the sharp end. I ended with a finished set of 8 arrows with an AMO length of 32 5/8inches and 3 x 28 1/2 inch, the last arrow was too short. All in all for a first attempt I am very happy with these arrows. They are excellent in strength & straightness. They fly fantastic and 1 arrow which hit wood to a depth of 1/2 inch came out with no damage so these will be a sturdy arrow.

    I am looking forward to shooting these at the next record status shoot.

    I will be making more of these but will go for Horn nocks with a Tang dowel on them to get round the need to taper and will make a more attractive arrow. Hopefully these will be available from the Longbow shop in the future.

    All in all an excellent shaft with all shafts straight and true with the bonus of being naturally tapered! Would recommend them to anyone frustrated with breaking wood shafts.