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  • Bamboo Arrow shafts
  • Bamboo Arrow shafts

Bamboo Arrow shafts

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Product Description

Bamboo arrow shafts

33" of top quality Tonkin bamboo arrow shafts.

Sold per dozen. Perfect for any traditional bow and known by some as natures carbon shaft. These bamboo shafts are hand weighed and will be supplied as closely matched as we can.

Tonkin bamboo arrow shafts are becoming increasingly popular with traditional archers due to their strength and durability.

For guidance choose bamboo shafts 5lb stiffer than your normal wood arrow shaft choice.


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  1. Still Natures' Carbon

    Posted by Rob Halliwell on 21st Sep 2016

    So pleased LBS has been able to get these back in stock - good quality Bamboo shafts are very rare and these are exceptional. To a degree they don't even need a finishing layer of varnish they are pretty much done. Well worth the extra few quid.

    Some thing to note - static spine (in lbs) is less important as there is no grain or growth rings to take in to account. The deflection on a spine scale is merely a guide. To that end you should be able to shoot a set of say 40-45s' out of multiple bows with varying draw weights and characteristics - works for me every time. The "5lb above your normal spine choice" generally tends to be good advice too.
    Add heavier piles to weaken or lighter piles to stiffen until they are going straight. Shortening also helps to stiffen the shaft- but start with a longer than usual arrow until you get your "match".
    One other thing - buy an arrow fix tool (for your woodies) but use the tapper tool to cut your tapers. This is a far superior taper tool and you will be able to fix your busted woodies too.

    Shoving plugs in each end will lead to hair line fractures or worst still actual fractures - Bamboo splinters hurt.
    T-Tip point are also a no no and guarantee to break the arrow first time you hit a butt leg or a tree.

    Self nocking is to be avoided unless you have the skill of a brain surgeon and the patience of Job. Plastic nocks 9/32 on the skinny end will do the trick.

    Looks darn good with Patriot Parabolic Feathers (with a whipping 6 twists to and Inch) and Modkin points.