Recurve Bows

Lots of traditional recurve bows for sale here. Designed for use without sights and sometimes without an arrow rest. With a shorter length than an English longbow, these wooden recurve bows are fast. We have one-piece and takedown recurve bows and a vast range of options.

Bearpaw Field Star take down recurve 66"

£95.00 (£79.17 ex.VAT)

Ragim 58" Black Bear recurve

£140.00 (£116.67 ex.VAT)

Samick Lion Field Recurve Bow

£150.00 (£125.00 ex.VAT)

White Feather Lapwing 60" One Piece Field Bow

£120.00 (£100.00 ex.VAT)

White Feather Cardinal 60" One Piece Field Bow

£160.00 (£133.33 ex.VAT)

Bearpaw Penthalon Shadow 60" ILF Takedown Recurve

£305.00 (£254.17 ex.VAT)

Bearpaw Penthalon Shadow Recurve Riser

£186.00 (£155.00 ex.VAT)

Bearpaw Penthalon Shadow Recurve ILF Limbs

£102.00 (£85.00 ex.VAT)

What recurve bow brands do you stock?

Brands such as Eclipse also make custom traditional bows. If you want a unique bow, we can make that happen. Bodnik, Bearpaw, Samick, Kaiser, Fred Bear, Buck Trail, Bearpaw, Ragim, Oak Ridge, White Feather and Martin are some of the traditional archery range brands that we stock.

What arrows can I shoot with a traditional recurve bow?

You can shoot many different arrow types with these field bows including carbon shafts, aluminium and wood arrows. Using wooden arrows, they become Hunting Tackle division in NFAS field archery shoots. Some of our takedown bows also have ILF limb options. For those joining the sport, there are lots of affordable options for beginner recurve bows.