Arrow Fix arrow tool

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Arrow-Fix arrow tool

Arrow-Fix is versatile arrow fixing tool with multiple uses.

  • Repair broken wood arrows with the standard shaft diameters 5/16", 11/32" and 23/64"
  • Create standard nock and point wood shaft tapers
  • Allow the precise central drilling of bamboo or wooden shafts to take T-tip arrow points

Arrow-Fix enables repairs with very little material and time involved. Fix breaks almost anywhere along the arrow shaft. This amazing tool utilizes a V-block support method so that the wood arrow can be easily and precisely repaired and will pay for itself only after a few repairs! There are lots of pictures here on our website and also on the manufacturers website German engineering at it's very best!

There are some videos on this page and also a great review HERE and how to fit T-tips to bamboo shafts HERE

The base unit comes with a 5/16 aluminium socket. Please buy a centre socket seperatley for either 11/32 or 23/64 shafts. Aluminium sockets for soft woods, steel sockets for hardwoods.

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