Beiter Professional Archery string serving tool

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Beiter Professional Archery string serving tool

The Beiter Winder PROFI has been developed for professional users such as coaches, technicians or service people in archery clubs.The Beiter String Server Professional differs from the standard serving tools because of 2 stainless steel rolls. These allow for a very fast or very strong serving.

The Beiter Winder PROFI is a fantastic string serving tool and was developed after several years of testing. One of the aims, was to design an efficient tool to be easily used by professionals or beginners. Not only it is important that a string serving tool simply serves the yarn on a string: it is much more important as to how this is done. The thread must have smooth guidance with friction and tension adjusted to a very fine degree.

This is now possible thanks to the Beiter Winder. A unique feature of the Beiter Winder is that the yarn is not threaded through an eye - thanks to an innovative slot you only have to clip in the thread! Another unique part of the Beiter Winder is that you can change the spool within seconds.

Some of the new and interesting features of the Beiter Winder:

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