Bickerstaffe Longbow Deluxe 35lb@28"

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Short Description

Bickerstaffe Longbow Deluxe

Deluxe range English Longbow by renowned bowyer Pip Bickerstaffe. Hickory Back with Purpleheart and Ipe cores and Lemonwood Belly

  • 35lb@28" (max 29")
  • Right Handed
  • Length 74.5"
  • Handle colour may vary

A very attractive longbow exploiting the appearance and performance of the exotic hardwoods used. A faster bow than the Standard single laminate core but no less consistent and forgiving to shoot. Deluxe longbows have horn nocks and an arrow plate. All Bickerstaffe bows are supplied with a double looped laid in fast flight string, a hand stitched leather grip, stringer and Bickerstaffe Bows booklet giving advice and guidance to the bows new owner.

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