Falco Flatbow Spirit Carbon 50@28

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Falco Flatbow Spirit Carbon 50@28

This 64" Falco Spirit Flatbow is a reflex-deflex profile flatbow designed by renowned European bowyers Falco and used by many competitive archers. Premium shooting ability without the usual expensive price tag.

This Falco Spirit Flatbow is a stock bow ready to ship now.

  • Profile: Reflex-deflex
  • Length: 64"
  • Colour: Palisander
  • Handedness: RH
  • Bamboo Core: The original Maple core is now upgraded giving a faster cast bow
  • Bowstring: Spectra Flemish (Fast Flight)
  • Arrow shelf: Yes
  • Bow poundage: 50lb@28" (can be drawn to 30")
  • Brace Height: 7.3-7.7"

The Falco Spirit flatbow range comes in 64", 66", 68" and 70" lengths for right and left handed archers. The Falco Spirit is available in beautiful palisander colour. This flatbow is made from thin glass fibre laminates and upgraded Bamboo corewood limbs and finished with a sweeping curve shaped birch handle. The riser is straight and is ergonomically designed to include the 'Falco finger-cut' giving your palm an even better grip on the handle. Fantastic bow and very sweet to shoot.

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