Longbow Bamboo, Pau Amarello, Ipe 44@28

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English Longbow by Adrian Hayes.

A 3 laminate, Bamboo, Pau Amarello and Ipe english longbow. 44lb@28" (max 28" draw length)

A beautiful fast longbow with distinctive horn nocks, hard-wearing gloss varnish finish for right handed archers. Bow comes with leather handle and fast flight bowstring. This English longbow is stunning and Adrian Hayes is not only a great bowyer but an award winning archer.

We carry a varied range of Adrian Hayes Longbows stock laminate longbows on a first come, first served basis and they sell quickly. Our stock is updated as it's sold so if you want one you'll need to get it today to avoid disappointment. If you don't see anything that matches your needs please take a look at our custom longbows section. Every bow comes with a free double looped stringer. If you can make it down to the shop you can try before you buy on our shooting range.

This bow is a 3 Laminate - Bamboo back, Pau Amarello core and Ipe belly. For right handed archers.

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