Rebel Bamboo Poplar custom flatbow by Fairbow

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Rebel Bamboo Poplar custom flatbow by Fairbow

Reflex deflex bow with a 32" max draw length and is 70" in length.

The Rebel is a superbly hand crafted Hill style American Longbow made by Fairbow.

These top quality Vintage Hill style bows are shaped after the early bows by famous bowyers of days passed. They are extremely narrow, (28 mm, just over an inch) at the widest point to just under half an inch at the string nock groove.

Built with 4 layers of tempered bamboo in front of the pure Poplar hardwood riser. NO bamboo goes over the fades on the riser. Finished with white and green Gordons Bo-Tuff UL glass which is the best there is.

This bow has a straight glue-up so when you receive the bow it will have a slight string-follow to help you with a smooth and forgiving draw and shot. Making this narrow lightweight bow smooth and a joy to shoot.

The nocks are re-enforced with a thin sliver of horn.

Grip is straight and narrow with no locater grooves and no pistol grip giving you pressure in the hand where it should be. A pleasure to shoot and to hold.

Finished with a high gloss varnish, bag and fastflight double looped string.

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