Rotten Robbie Bag Target 60cm

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Rotten Robbie Bag Target 60cm

Rotten Robbie is our leisure target bag, designed for lower poundage bows and ideal for recreational use. Just don't let him get too close!

This target bag will stop arrows from bows up to 40#. Good for starter kits, recurves, traditional bows and even some compounds. There are limits, though. It won't handle crossbows, and if you shoot high performance compound bows you should be looking at the Sureshot target for extra stopping power.

It is also worth noting that blunted fibreglass arrows shot from very light weight children's bows may bounce out of the target. (They bounce out of almost everything!). Ask us for advice if you are unsure.

The target is printed both sides and spare bags are available when Robbie finally gets shot to bits. If you rebuild using the existing filling the savings really start to kick in.

They are ideal for all arrow types with flush fitting points. Do not use broadheads! You will not be able to pull your arrow out without ripping the bag!

Approx Size: 60cm x 55cm x 25cm

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