Vertex Rosewood custom flatbow by Fairbow

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Vertex Rosewood custom flatbow by Fairbow

Reflex deflex bow with a 31" max draw length

The Vertex is a re-defined reflex deflex longbow hand crafted by Fairbow. When braced it shows a true D-shaped profile fitting an American Longbow profile.

This Vertex is 68 inches long and has supercore/bamboo cores built between black and white Gordon BoTuff glass with a Rosewood grip.

The tapered and tempered Bamboo cores (supercore) make these bows very light and ensures a very fast shot.

Every Vertex is a unique piece and individually hand crafted not mass produced and is finished with a satin to matt 2K varnish. The Vertex bows are no longer than 68 inches in length, catering for a max draw length of 31 inches. We feel this is ideal for this type of bow and the archery style that comes with it.

The nocks of the bow have been adapted to the new 'No-Stack' shape. and even with the shorter vertex bows the string does not get caught in the grooves at the end of the draw.

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