Made in Liverpool TV does Archery Tag...

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Made in Liverpool TV does Archery Tag...

We had great visit from Made in Liverpool TV’s Lowdown presenters Ben and Gaelle this week. As part of their weekly programme they wanted to learn how to shoot so when they approached us to come and have a go with us of course we said yes!

They spent a while being taught how to shoot a recurve bow by coaches Harry and Mike. We started them off on our club trainer bows and then moved them on to an English Longbow. We love teaching archery to people and never get tired of seeing the big smiles on new archers faces!

After they spent a while on the archery side we setup the unit ready for them to play Archery Tag. Archery Tag is a brilliant fun combat archery game. It’s a mixture between dodgeball and paintball without the pain or mess! Played by 2 opposing teams we run multiple game formats throughout the session and each game is fast and furious.

If you’s like to see the video for Made in Liverpool TV then here’s the link

Ben Osu and Gaelle Legrand Made in Liverpool learn archery

If you’re interested in learning archery or wanting to play Archery Tag our safe combat archery game please do get in touch at or visit for more information.

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