Arrow Rests

Arrow rests, and bow rests are for traditional recurve bows or flat bows that shoot arrows off the shelf. They stick on to the arrow shelf plate and side of the bow with adhesive tape. An arrow rest aids in a clean, silent, release and helps stop the arrow striking the bow when shot. Simple and functional in design a bow rest will usually be made from leather, fur or felt. Fur rests are slightly raised to bring the arrow up off the shelf. If you shoot feather fletched arrows these bow shelf rests are perfect for you.

Arrow Rest Colour Felt

£2.20 (£1.83 ex.VAT)

Bow Window Rest Colour Felt

£1.50 (£1.25 ex.VAT)

Cartel Super II Hunter Arrow rest

£1.00 (£0.83 ex.VAT)