Foam Archery Targets

Shooters know that practising improves. If you want to improve, you need an unbreakable target. This is easier with foam shooting targets. Any experienced archer, whether new or seasoned, needs foam archery targets. Foam targets outlast straw targets. They can withstand your arrows, so you can practise your aim without buying a new target every few weeks. Foam archery targets come in varied sizes, so you may practice accuracy or distance. Foam archery targets are lightweight and portable, so you can put up your range anywhere.

Leisure Foam Archery Targets

£36.00 (£30.00 ex.VAT)

Where do I buy these foam archery butts?

We believe we have the best range from several manufacturers of self-healing archery targets in the UK so why not buy them from us. If you're tired of having to put away straw bosses every session these are the targets for you. You can have them shipped to your door or pick them up from the shop together with a target stand and some target faces. We sell all the archery supplies for setting up your target.

ladies shooting bows outdoors at foam targets

Who can use these archery target butts?

These foam bosses are perfect for individuals, groups and archery clubs. They last a very long time, and with some versions, the high-density archery boss foam can be replaced once shot out. We also sell the packs of replacement self-healing foam to fit each size. They are ideal for any bow type of any poundage shooting any arrow type. Please note however sharp broadheads will shorten the life of the foam.

Straw vs foam archery target

We do get asked about this one a lot. We always say it depends on how you are using the target, what type of arrows and from what bow type. Also depends on whether you want to leave your target out in all weathers. With straw, this isn’t possible as the weather will break down the materials.

Archery Tip how to shoot a foam archery target