String Tools

Make your own bow strings with the right tools for the job. If you shoot a traditional bow then chances are you'll need to replace yours at some point. Making your own is quick, affordable and easy once you know how. We have all the bow string tools you will ever need.

Are they easy to make?

Yes we think every archer should know how to make them. They are probably the easiest things that can be made or customised for a bow. Whether you want to make a flemish twist or continuous served loop we have the equipment to get you started.

What tools do I need to make a string?

You will need a jig to make different lengths and some Fast flight or Dacron string material. Make sure you know which material your bow can use as some bows are not made for high performance materials. If you want to practice making a few first then Dacron is much cheaper than fast flight. You will also need a serving tool, serving thread, wax and a sharp knife for cutting the strands.There are lots of videos on Google on how to make strings so grab a brew or a beer and have a look through some of the fantastic instructional videos available. We may even get around to making one ourselves!

Bow string making jig

A wood flemish twist board jig in action

How to serve a string

Check out the video for a simple and effective way to use a serving jig and make a nocking point.