Bow String Silencers

Is your bow string making a noise? Are you feeling the vibration through the bow when shooting? If your bow is tuned and set up correctly, you may want to add in some string silencers. They act as bow string dampeners to help stop vibration noise.

What are bow string silencers?

Available in many different colours and materials such as wool or beaver fur. Very easy to install they come in pairs. One is fitted to the top end of the string usually around 10 inches from the nock, and then the other is mounted the same distance from the bottom nock. The bigger the silencer the less noise the bow makes but the slower the string. Work out what is best for your shooting needs.

How do bow string silencers work?

Dampening the noise will give you a quiet bow. The silencers are wound into the string and help to soften the impact noise of the shot.

Traditional archery string silencers - do they work?