Bowstring Material

Grab some great deals on Dacron string spools and fast flight string material. Archery bow strings are very easy to make and if you're a traditional archer then string making is a skill that will come in very useful and save you money. We stock spools from leading brand Brownell.

Archery bow string serving material

£7.80 (£6.50 ex.VAT)

Archery bow string serving material Flex Evo 15

£5.80 (£4.83 ex.VAT)

Fast Flight bowstring Material

£55.00 (£45.83 ex.VAT)

String material dacron

£14.40 (£12.00 ex.VAT)

What is the best bow string material?

That really depends on what your bow can handle and what speeds you want from the bow. Some bows are not made to take a fast flight. If the bow has reinforced nocks there is a good chance the bow will be able to handle one. It's always best to check with the bowyer just to make sure.

Brownell bow string material

Fast flight has no stretch, superior strength, durability and increased speed. Dacron stretches more making it more forgiving to the nocks and the bow limbs with a reduction in speed. Whether you prefer fast flight for faster arrow speed or Dacron we have you covered. If you are practising your skills always use Dacron it is much cheaper!

What is serving material?

Serving is a durable, tough material that protects the contact area on the string from abrasion. It is placed on the nocking point area. We recommend Nylon 4 serving material for general purpose use on traditional bow strings.

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