The Longbow Club

The Longbow Club for traditional archers


The Longbow Club is an Archery GB club formed several years ago by the directors of The Longbow Shop and is one of the best traditional archery clubs in the UK. Over the years it has grown from strength to strength. It is a friendly and welcoming archery club in Wirral, Merseyside. Affiliated to Archery GB (GNAS), Cheshire Archery Association and Northern Counties Archery Society The Longbow Club welcomes archers of all ages and abilities to our sport.

The Longbow Club at Poulton Hall

They are the only traditional archery club in the North West, concentrating on all types of traditional shooting especially English Longbow, Flatbow, one piece wooden recurves and horse bows. The Longbow Club is one of the most successful traditional clubs in the UK winning many archery competitions.

As well as running their own club shoots their members also attend target, 3D field archery, clout and roving competitions across the country. The club holds many records and the silverware is impressive. They don’t allow modern Olympic recurve or compound bows in the club and only shoot with traditional equipment.

The Longbow Club hold their archery practice outdoors at Ridgeway School in Birkenhead and are lucky enough to have a field that the traditional archers can shoot both Target up to 100yds and Clout at 180yds distances at the same time. When they need to practice for indoor competitions through the winter they have a 20 yard, 3 lanes indoor venue based near The Longbow Shop in Birkenhead.

The club has members that are highly experienced in all areas of traditional archery with many at GMB and MB standard. With 4 Archery GB coaches and firm links to The Longbow Shop, they can help all archers develop and progress in their archery. Take a look at these archery classes if you want to learn archery and complete a beginners course to look at how to join The Longbow Club.

If you're looking for an archery club in Merseyside or want to take up target archery or one of the other disciplines please do get in touch with them or enquire in The Longbow Shop about how to join.