Archery Finger Tab

To protect your fingers when releasing the bowstring try a shooting tab. One of the essential parts of an archers kit is a Finger Tab or glove. Archery tabs made with a leather face or Cordura are the best in our opinion. They will protect your fingers and ensure a smooth release off the bowstring. We have a fantastic collection all tried and tested. From simple one-piece single layer tabs for beginners to barebow style tabs. We also stock archery shooting tabs with a platform shelf for anchoring under your chin.

A&F Anchor finger Tab

$14.40 ($12.00 ex.VAT)

A&F Anchor Tab replacement leather

$7.20 ($6.00 ex.VAT)

Buck Trail Tradi Finger tab leather

$7.20 ($6.00 ex.VAT)

Finger Tab Black Widow

$24.00 ($20.00 ex.VAT)

Finger tab calf hair

$10.80 ($9.00 ex.VAT)