Clout Archery Target

Our traditional clout archery target is made from high-density rubber to BLBS size specifications. This high-quality clout target shot at from long distances with scores depending on how close the arrow lands to the score zone marked on the ground.

What is clout archery?

It's said that clout archery has its roots set back into medieval times when archers practiced with their longbows on Sundays after church. After the service they would make their practice a little more interesting by choosing a random target such as a tree or lump of grass to all shoot at.

Closest to the called out mark would win that round. Shooting this way was known as roving clout. Elevating the bow, the archers practised high angle shooting by dropping the arrow into the target to recreate shooting over walls or fortifications.

ILAA members shooting english longbows at a clout target

ILAA members shooting English longbows at the clout

The word Clout originates from the Viking word ‘Clud’ or piece of cloth. In modern day clout targets are now represented by a stick with a flag or cloth tied to it as well as the more traditional round target.

The round traditional clout target is placed on the ground 180 yards away from the shooting line and elevated to 45 degrees. It is 30 inches in diameter with a 4-inch black centre spot. A score zone with concentric circles radiates out from the central clout.

The clout is commonly shot these days from 60 yards for juniors, 140 yards for ladies and 180 yards for gents. More information on modern-day Clout archery and scoring can is found here.

The Longbow Club shooting at a clout target Norton Priory