Bow Strings

Every bow needs a string. We have ready-made bowstrings in a flemish twist or served double loops string to fit most bow types. Our specialist string makers will also make custom bow strings to fit any traditional bow. Every longbow is different so will need a custom longbow string making to fit the exact measurements. Recurve bow strings can usually be supplied from stock off the shelf. The number of strands, brace height, bow length and poundage are just some of the measurements we will need.

Beginners Recurve Served Bow string Dacron

£4.00 (£3.33 ex.VAT)

Flatbow Flemish Bow string Dacron

£10.00 (£8.33 ex.VAT)

Flatbow Flemish Bow string Fastflight

£16.00 (£13.33 ex.VAT)

Freddie horsebow bow string

£15.60 (£13.00 ex.VAT)

Recurve Field bow Flemish Bow string Dacron

£10.00 (£8.33 ex.VAT)

Recurve Field bow Flemish Bow string Fastflight

£16.00 (£13.33 ex.VAT)

Recurve Field bow Served Bow string Dacron

£6.00 (£5.00 ex.VAT)

What are bow strings made of?

We make our stock and custom bowstrings from either fast flight or dacron bowstring material.

Dacron or B50 is a synthetic 100% polyester material. It has excellent abrasion resistance. Incredibly smooth and easy to work with. Durable and consistent, it has been the standard for traditional bows since 1944. Fastflight is less stretchy than dacron and is a faster material.

Fast Flight was the first High Modulus PolyEthelyne (HMPE) material. It has minimal creep, superior strength and durability. Faster than Dacron it is internationally recognised as a high-performance string material. If your bow can handle it, we always suggest using a fast flight string.

bow strings

What bow string do I need?

That depends on your bow type and how the bow was constructed. Some bows will be better with a dacron string rather than fast flight due to the construction methods. You have a choice of Flemish twist bow strings, or endless loop served strings. Fast flight and served loops usually need a reinforced limb tip. If in doubt, please ask the bowyer that made the bow or call to discuss as using the wrong string can sometimes void your warranty.

How long do bowstrings last?

We could say as long as a piece of string! However, we always suggest swapping out archery bow strings on your bow's birthday (approx every 12 months) depending on how many arrows you shoot through it. Keep an eye on any possible wearing or unravelling and always make sure you keep it waxed and in good condition.

Can you repair bow strings?

If a flemish twist string has started to unravel, you can remake it if you have a string jig, but the simple answer is no. Once the string starts to fray, then it's time for a new one. Do not keep shooting the bow just in case the string breaks. We suggest always have a spare string to your bow just in case one starts to fray or break. It does pay to keep a spare in your archery equipment bag.

How to make a bow string