Archery lessons and courses

Looking for archery lessons for beginners or want to learn how to make bow and arrows? If you're new to the sport and looking to find archery classes then learn archery with us. Our archery courses run at The Longbow Shop range by qualified Archery GB coaches. Each year we also have special events covering how to make arrows and making an English longbow.

Finding archery lessons near me

We run archery sessions and lessons right here in the shop on a monthly basis but if you aren't local to us you have several options to find a course. Take a look at the Archery GB Club Finder and search for clubs local to you. There is also the NFAS Club finder (National Field Archery Society) who also run classes for beginners.

Archery Lessons from The Longbow Shop

How do I join an archery club?

If you want to join an archery club, you will need to complete an archery beginners course and then apply to become a club member. We will teach you everything you need to know and supply all the archery equipment. Take a look at our archery workshops but make sure to book early as places move fast!