How to measure for your draw length

How to measure for your draw length on archery arrows

Don't use the 'Wingspan' method this is wrong for traditional archery.

Draw length is how we measure the total arrow length needed from the corner of your mouth to the back of the bow.

The easy way to measure standard draw length for arrows.

Stand side-on and raise the opposite arm to your usual handedness so if you are right-handed raise your left arm. Hold it out straight as if holding a bow and form a fist. Body straight and head up. Look down that bow arm using your right eye if raising your left arm keeping your back straight and head up still.

Have someone measure from the front of your closed fist to the furthest corner of your mouth (your anchor point). When you draw the bow up with an arrow on it this anchor point is the place where the nock of the arrow will come to rest before loosing the arrow every time. Do not draw to your ear that is a war bow technique and not for beginners or this style of a target bow. Never ever dry fire a bow (let the string go without an arrow loaded) it will break the bow and void any warranty.