Arrow Making

If you want to keep arrow making costs down the best way is to make your own gear. Making your own wood arrows is one of the best ways to stand out from the rest of the archery crowd while saving money! To begin with make sure you buy the right arrow making tools for the job. Buy your arrow making supplies from The Longbow Shop – we're all traditional archers and have tested every arrow making tool we sell. Replacing arrows is part of being a traditional archer and we can help you with any tips and advice on arrow making supplies that you will ever need.

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How are wood arrow shafts made?

Cresting, Paints and arrow varnishes

Stand out from the crowd and create arrow cresting works of art! Cresting arrows is very addictive and is the art of painting your wood arrows to be easily visually identified (just keep them out of the grass!)

Looking or arrow tools?

Make sure you have the right arrow tool for the job. We have trialled and tested everything we sell to make sure it all works as it should. From self nocking tools to glues we have it all!

Arrow wraps and decals

If cresting seems like hard work then why not use easy to apply arrow wraps. Colourful arrow wraps are quick and look the part and help you find those naughty arrows that seem to jump away from the target and into the grass!

Glues and Adhesives

From superglues (Cyanoacrylate) to the slower drying waterproof adhesives we have it all covered (not your fingers!) When your points need to stay on the arrows and your feathers on the shafts look to The Longbow Shop for everything you'll need

Fletching Jigs

The most important part of any arrow making kit is the simple fletching jig. Whether you want straight, helical or offset feathers on your arrows we everything you need. Make sure you set it up right from the start and you'll never have to worry about fletching arrows again.

Arrow Making Supplies

What materials are used to make arrows?

Arrows can be made from wood (our faves), aluminium, carbon or fibreglass for some kids arrows. Whatever type of arrow you want to make we can help you. We sell Pine, Spruce, Ash and Cedar arrow shafts along with specialist traditional carbon arrow shafts plus all the parts you need to create your own set.

What wood is best for making arrows?

This is one we get asked for a lot. The simple answer is... it depends on what you want the arrow to do and what type of archery you are doing. Some archers like Spruce for long distance flight archery as it is light and robust. Port Orford Cedar is the go to for a lot of traditional archers as it smells so good when making the arrows! Pine is brilliantly robust and will take a lot of punishment on the range or in the field.

What is the best spine for an arrow?

This is one we can't answer without knowing more about you, your bow and what type of archery you do. Always remember the most expensive bow in the world is nothing without the right arrows so let us help you and contact us to discuss.