Straw Archery Target

Authentic and traditional round straw archery targets from leading manufacturer Egertec. You won’t find a better quality straw target on the market. Fantastic for individuals and archery clubs these straw bosses are solid, long lasting and affordable. Used by archers around the world these competition grade targets are tried and tested. Stops any arrows from any bow poundage.

Why buy straw targets from us?

We are main dealers for Egertec straw targets and as such we can offer FREE shipping to all our UK customers as well as the best prices for bulk archery club purchases. If you would prefer to pick your target up from the shop then that can also be arranged.

Straw archery targets by Egertec

Who can use these archery targets?

Any archer can use these straw bosses. They will stop any arrow from any bow even high draw weight compound bows. Perfect for individuals and archery clubs alike. Longbow archery has used these longbow targets for a very long time and they are seen as the best traditional archery target on the market. Available in sizes from 65cm to 130cm they are ideal for paper archery targets.

Beware of cheap archery targets they may look better value but they are harder and will not last as long. We have found that archers are breaking a lot of arrows on the cheaper targets.

straw archery targets being used in 1791

Image of a coiled straw archery butt from Hertfordshire Archery Society ladies pocketbook 1791