Q: Do you ship to my country?
A: Yes we ship all our products worldwide

Q: What will shipping be on my order?
A: Add your items to the cart and you will see a shipping calculator to give you costs

Q: When will this product be back in stock?
A: Some of our items take a while to come back into stock due to country of import or time taken to make the item. On the product page you will now see a field to add your email to be alerted when it comes back in stock.

Q: Is there a difference in performance between Left Wing and Right Wing feathers?
A: No not at all as long as you use the same wing on the arrow there is no difference

Q: What is the difference between parabolic and shield feather profile?
A: Nothing at all it's all down to aesthetics and what you think looks the best. Height and length of the feather will make more difference to how the arrow flies.

Q: Does point weight affect the way an arrow flies?
A: Yes a lighter point will dynamically stiffen the arrow and a heavier point will dynamically weaken spine.