Arrow Shafts

We have four ranges of arrow shafts. Wooden arrow shafts in several types of species from cedar and spruce to poplar ash and pine. They are all hand weighed as tight as possible and placed into matched batches of 12. We also sell wooden shafts in bulk packs of 100. Aluminium shafts are perfect for indoor target and closer range archery. Excellent choice for beginners and experienced archers alike. Carbon Arrow Shafts are popular with hunters and field archers. Due to strength and durability, they can take a lot of punishment. Tonkin bamboo arrow shafts are hand straightened and finished with oil. These are nature’s carbon arrows and shoot very well from any traditional bow. Bamboo grows organically into a rear tapered shaft.

Wooden Arrow Shafts Premium Pine

From $34.80 ($29.00 ex.VAT)

Arrow Shafts German Spruce

$32.40 ($27.00 ex.VAT)

Arrow Shafts Port Orford Cedar

$46.80 ($39.00 ex.VAT)

Bamboo Arrow shafts

Sold Out

Arrow Shafts German Spruce Bearpaw bulk 100 pack

$277.20 ($231.00 ex.VAT)

Arrow Shafts Port Orford Cedar 5/16 bulk 100 pack

$307.20 ($256.00 ex.VAT)

Arrow Shafts Port Orford Cedar bulk 100 pack

$345.60 ($288.00 ex.VAT)

Penthalon Heavy Hunter Carbon Shafts

$66.00 ($55.00 ex.VAT)

Penthalon Hunter Extreme Carbon Shafts

$74.40 ($62.00 ex.VAT)

Penthalon Traditional Black Carbon Shafts

$46.80 ($39.00 ex.VAT)

Wooden arrow shafts spruce rear taper

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