Archery Targets

We have a large range of archery targets, netting stands and target faces for all types of archer and budget. You can buy straw targets or foam targets from us and all the equipment you would need to set up an archery target range... as long as you have the space! We can help you with advice when buying targets and we even sell clout targets for the specialist archers among you. 

Targets and target stands

Every archer needs something to shoot at. You can buy your targets and a target stand to put it on from our archery shop.

Backstop netting

Important bit of archery equipment and available in many sizes in our archery shop. You will need this backstop netting if setting up an archery range either in your own space or a space for clubs to do their archery. 

Target faces and pins

We sell a full range of archery targets from tournament faces to novelty target faces take a look at what we have available. Every archer needs something to aim at! We also have target pins for sale and you will need those to secure your target faces to your archery target.

What is a good target for archery?

There are usually 2 main types of archery target. Foam and straw based archery targets.

What are the different types of archery targets?

3D archery targets made from dense foam, Foam archery targets made with strips of foam packed together tightly, or a more traditional straw archery target are generally the best archery targets in the UK. Whatever you use for bow and arrow target practice you need something to shoot at!

Where to buy archery targets?

Buy them from us! We work closely with the leading manufacturers and the shipping companies to ensure the highest quality is always there and we can get them to you. We have a great range of archery bags and portable targets for easy transport and fast setup.


archery targets and a bow

What are archery targets made of?

Tightly wound straw targets used by clubs are also known as straw bosses. 3D targets constricted from self-healing foam are the standard for field archers. Layered foam archery targets are built using layers of dense foam squeezed tightly together in a wood frame to form a solid surface. The 2Ds are made from high-density rubber and a few secret ingredients!

Target stands

Every target needs a stand. Whether you need a large stand for a 122cm foam target or a mini ground stand for 90cm straw targets, we have it covered. Most of our stands are traditional and made of wood. Flat packed for easy shipping they are simple to set up.

Archery safety netting

No matter where you shoot safety should always be your first thought. Archery backstop netting, archery target pins and wooden archery target stands will complete your range setup. We love the Dura Stop archery netting.

Dura Stop is used here in the shop, and we know it's the best there is for archery range safety. It will stop arrows from any bow no matter what the poundage. Check out the smaller portable netting set. It's packed up in a handy carry bag and made by Bearpaw Products. Perfect for any leisure archery.

How to score archery targets

There are many sizes and styles of target faces all shot at different distances indoors and outdoors. On a basic level, you have FITA target faces in 20cm, 40cm, 60cm, 80cm and 122cm. FITA Field faces are in different colours, and 3D targets have score zones that depend on the animal shape, anatomy and size.

Each type of target has their own scoring systems. Depending on what bow type and what round you are shooting the scoring can also change. Here are some of the more popular target scoring rounds.