Ayme for Finsburie Archers by James Partridge

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Ayme for Finsburie Archers by James Partridge

This hard to find 1998 reprint of the 1628 original contains principally a list of all the stone and wooden archery targets (137 in total) used on the Finsbury Fields in London to practice archery.

It is a list of their names and distances in scores and remaining yards to all the other targets. The way to understand it is the list has each target at the top of the page and underneath it tells you how far away the other targets were. It was the roving style of archery so any target could be chosen at random to practice with the longbow at. This was a guidebook to how far it was to reach the target.

Also included in the book are the 9 rules from 1628 and in the back the 1664 St. George's rules. It contains a description of the March of the Finsbury Archers 1530, a history of the Honourable Artillery Company by Fred Lake the 2008 President of the Society of Archer Antiquaries, many illustrations of, for example, the Catherine of Braganza shield, a chapter on Sir William Wood and illustrated maps of the fields in London.

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