Longbow archery runs in our veins! We are the archery shop for a traditional English longbow or any types of bow made from wood for that matter! We pride ourselves on our knowledge of all types of wooden bows.

What type of bows do you have?

Our collections of traditional bows include self yew bows, flatbows and recurve bows. American flatbows and Mongolian horse bows sit alongside takedown recurve bows. Whatever you shoot there's something for every traditional archer to enjoy.

We have lots of archery bows for sale even down to matching bow and arrows for kids. Our bows have many different types of wood combinations. We love the instinctive feel of shooting something without a pin sight or bolt-on weight.

If you want to shoot a wooden bow and matching archery equipment we can guide you on the best matching kit. We have heavy draw weight longbows. Some are based on the mary rose bows shot by the English armies of old. The heavy laminated longbows are made by Heritage Longbows and Ravenbeak NatureWorks make self yew longbows.

We can also help with special one-off custom archery bows. We leave compound bows, crossbows and Olympic recurve bows in the UK to the other archery retailers!

English Longbows from The Longbow Shop

If you are wanting the best advice on English longbows for sale we are the best shop in the business to talk to. Every member of our staff is an experienced longbow archer with many years of shooting experience. Traditional archery is what we are all about. It's our passion and our privilege to be part of an ever-growing area of the sport.

Why are bows expensive?

We get asked a lot about this one, especially on the handcrafted self-bows. Making a traditional bow takes a lot of skill and time. You aren't paying extra for a brand name like Hoyt or Matthews. If you mix that with the knowledge of the expensive woods and how they will work together to make a bow, then that starts to form the price foundation. If you then break down how long a bow takes to build you will find most of the bowyers are actually working for less than minimum wage. What keeps these artisans going isn't the money. Yes, we all need to pay bills but it's the passion and the pure will to keep traditions alive that makes these artisans build bows. Next time you ask the question about the price ask yourself what has actually gone into making that bow.

How a bow is born