American Flatbows

American Flatbows or American Longbows as they are also known are available in a very wide range of styles and materials. If you are looking for a traditional bow shot off the shelf we have lots of different flat bows for sale uk. We are the home of American flatbow uk with classic American long bows in a D shape Howard Hill style or more modern hybrid American flat bow with carbon materials, fused with exotic woods it's all traditional archery. We carry a huge choice from custom made bows to beginners Ash flatbows to high end handmade traditional bows each made to order. We are the UK distributor for many leading manufacturers including bickerstaffe flatbows, Falco bows, Eclipse bows, Ghost bows and also Bearpaw Bodnik bows. Some bows are constructed with multiple wooden laminations and glass limbs others have more modern carbon materials added. Whatever your shooting style we have an American flatbow for sale to suit any archer and they make ideal field barebow or recreational bows.

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Falco Epos flatbow

£396.00 (£330.00 ex.VAT)