Arrow cresting paint

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Arrow Cresting Paints

The industry's best ECO-FRIENDLY water borne arrow Cresting paints, Crown dip and Clear gloss arrow finish available.

Low to no odour. Your arrow shaft paints will stay flexible and will not crack or check. Arrows can be put thru a 'speed dipper' or 'free dip' method. The TRUE NORTH ARROWS cresting paints and clear coatings were extensively tested and the owners have worked in the paint industry for over 30 years in addition to being archers themselves. These are the best/most durable water-based products I have found.

All thinning and clean up is done with water. Products are fantastic for wood arrow shafts.

16 solid cresting colours available - Tan, Grey, Black, White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Dark Green, Feather Green, Dark Blue, Feather Blue, Light Pink, Purple, Flo Pink, Flo Lime, Flo Orange.

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