Bearpaw Penthalon Shadow 60" ILF Takedown Recurve

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Bearpaw Penthalon Shadow 60" ILF Takedown Recurve

New from Bearpaw Products and their first ILF bow ever - the Penthalon Shadow! Bearpaw worked closely with their bowyers at the manufacturing facility to design and develop this fantastic ILF bow.

The ILF system (International Limb Fitting System) on this new bow guarentees the compatibility of their limbs and riser with any other ILF limbs and risers offered by other manufacturers.

The Penthalon Shadow has new riser materials: heavy Micarta and black Actionwood and is wonderfully designed to offer the best combination of beauty and functionality. The Penthalon Shadow has a riser that weighs an impressive 650 grams! It is rock solid and the weight offers the archer more stability in every shot.

The grip on the Penthalon Shadow is highly comfortable and offers a very natural hand placement and the weight in the riser does a super job of eliminating any hand shock! The limbs for the Bearpaw Shadow are constructed of classic black fiberglass for both performance and to compliment the smokey dark colours of the riser.

The Penthalon Shadow can be shot with any standard high-performance bowstring. To get the best performance from the Penthalon Shadow we highly recommend Bearpaw Whisper Strings. This will ensure that your bow is always "whisper quiet"!

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