Falco flatbow Trophy Vintage - custom

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Falco flatbow Trophy Vintage - custom

This Falco Trophy Vintage flatbow is a special order made-to-measure order. Approx 8-10 week delivery time.

Let us know the spec you would like made for you from the options stated below once ordered.

The Falco Trophy has been the flagship of the Falco collection for many years. A bow of exceptional shooting qualities and stability, it has accompanied many top archers in competition throughout Europe and worldwide and taken a lot of first places including a British Flight record. The Falco Trophy Vintage is a bow that is almost always custom made for the specific archer and is highly customisable according to the requirements of the archer. With a wide choice of materials there is a possibility to combine different rare and exclusive woods to make a truly unique and eye-catching piece of art. Falco believe that the bow must be in addition to its premium shooting qualities also a work of art.

The use of exotic wood also provides weight and stability to the bow riser which is true for heavy wood such as ebony, palisander or other wood types that sink in water. In partnership with the Finnish company CWP, Falco also offer 2 or 3-colour combinations of what they call 'colourwood' - deep coloured wood made with patented technology. There are 12 tones of colour and all combinations of them can be used in the riser.

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