Falco Myth Vintage flatbow custom

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Falco Myth Vintage flatbow custom

This Falco Myth flatbow is a special order made-to-measure order. Approx 4-6 week delivery time.

For a long time, the Falco collection was lacking two things: a fast shooting recurved flatbow, and a flatbed to fit the 60"+ length range. The Myth is their answer to both of these gaps. Launched in autumn 2017, this is a 61" flatbow that is shorter, wider and slightly recurved. The Myth is really the perfect mid-range flatbow, suitable for casual archery, 3D and hunting. Despite its short length, as seen in the draw curve image, the Myth really is a unique flatbow in that it can be used with any draw length (up to 32"). And better even, the Myth packs excellent performance.

As all Falco flatbows, the Myth is hand made in their workshop in Estonia to every last detail. And detail is where the attention has really gone to town on this model. Falco pay particular attention to rounding all corners, making aesthetically pleasing tips, finishing each bow with impeccable lacquer quality while keeping the bow profile sleek - as is known for all Falco flatbows. The Myth features their signature high wrist pistol grip, which is specifically designed to support the archer in a relaxed bow hand, which is the groundwork for an excellent archery form.

All Myth bows come with a bamboo core plus added Diamond Carbon to the limbs - this is a premium range Myth. Design-wise, the Myth comes in a wenge wood handle with a lovely curved inlay that can feature any color Colorwood choose from red, Orange, blue and green.

What is the recommended brace height for this model?
We suggest brace height 7" - 7.5" but feel free to test around as long as your arrows fly nicely
Is string included? What sort of a string?
Yes, the model comes with a Spectra Flemish string. The number of string strands depends on the weight of the bow (14, 16 or 18).

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