Falco Triumph Vintage Palisander

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Falco Triumph Vintage Palisander

Falco Triumph Vintage bows are built for speed, performance and endurance.

Competition days are long and often require over 100 arrows per day. The top Falco american flatbows help you with ensuring that each of these arrows is shot perfectly. The Falco Triumph is a special order version of the Trophy and is available for delivery 1-2 weeks.
  • Profile: Reflex-deflex
  • Riser wood choice: Palisander and Padauk
  • Belly: Bubinga
  • Handedness: RH or LH (price level is the same)
  • Finish lacquer: Satin matt
  • Maple Core: Yes
  • Bowstring: Spectra Flemish (Fast Flight)
  • Arrow shelf: Natural fur
  • Bow poundage: 25lb-60lb @ 28"
  • Bow length: 68"

Key features
The bow features a maple core (thickness depending on weight of bow) and a stunning decorative exotic wood lamination. The decorative layer is covered by transparent fiberglass, which in turn is covered in matt lacquer for great protection.

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