New Longlife Targets from Bearpaw

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New Longlife Targets from Bearpaw

We are very proud to announce that we are now distributing Longlife targets from Bearpaw.

LongLife targets have been a premium supplier of 3D targets for several years with amazing success in the market and their products have gained a reputation of having an extremely high level of robustness.

Their 3D targets are designed, prototyped and produced to the highest quality in Germany. The customers of 3D parcours value the high level of quality and durability of the LongLife animals with clubs worldwide being able to afford these premium targets. Every single 3D target has been designed professionally with realistic postures chosen to resemble natural animals in their habitat.

Sustainability and quality is very important to Christoph Unger the brains behind Longlife 3D targets. He says “Some time ago, I was looking for expansion and relaxation for traditional archery. After first shooting on discs, I then contested my first tournaments. Very quickly I have noticed that there is nothing nicer than to walk across meadows and through forests, of which there are now really enough around Ummerstadt, in the former border strip, and to target 3D targets. It was annoying with the whole thing that I could pull the arrows very difficult in smaller animals and so I started, with a little kauz, the "foaming" of the 3D animals. After a long series of experiments I had then found the right mixture; A foam having a closed surface (integral), energy absorbing and relatively soft."

Check out the full range of targets here and new ones will be available very soon (news to follow!).

Clubs can also contact us to discuss multiple target discounts.

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