Spotlight on The ILAA

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Spotlight on The ILAA

The ILAA (International Longbow Archers Association) is for english longbow archers.

The ILAA seek to make entry into the sport of longbow archery easier by ensuring the safe organisation of insured traditional longbow shooting.

They cover all the aiming and ranging traditions of the english longbow as practised into the 16th Century.

We would like to take the opportunity to inform traditional archers and other interested parties of their history. They encourage historic research into the traditional forms of archery in all countries that trained for battle. Members are insured for all the aiming and ranging traditions of the english longbow and for all weights and sections of the longbow.

Its logo and medals are available to like-minded Companies of archers and their shoots that support the Associations standards. The Fraternity of St George is affiliated to the ILAA and they put on some fantastic events in the UK and France check them out here.

For more information on joining the ILAA please take a look at their website.

Insurance and Archery

Stay within the Mainstream National Archery structure and stay insured - Archery is de-facto a low risk sport.

The longbow has a lower velocity than other bows; no claims have been made over the past 50 years. As a result of its remarkable antecedents the longbow has the widest range of shooting traditions. Although these are collectively catered for by most archery associations, only one the ILAA caters for all traditions and all types of longbow.

A UK archer who has taken out a club specific insurance and relies on that (non mainstream archery insurance), will not be covered at any shoot outside that particular club. On their part careful organisers should accept only Mainstream Archery Insurance at their events.

Better safe than sorry. UK organisers should always make sure their events are within and recognised by the main Archery associations outlined above. Those that visit UK archery events should make sure this is so.

Note; as insurance policies vary with the commercial market for insurance, it is recommended that the reader checks the current state of cover offered by all insurance policies/archery associations discussed above.

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