UK Bearpaw Tournament

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UK Bearpaw Tournament

The first ever Bearpaw Kill Tournament to be held in the UK will be held on the 26th and 27th of August 2017

On the 10th and 11th of June the Wild Geese Field Archers in NR Great Ayton, North Yorkshire will host the 1st. Bearpaw Kill Tournament ever held in the UK. We’re very pleased that the reputation of our special “tournament” continues to spread – reaching more and more instinctive archery enthusiasts all over the world.

Our unique scoring system, the special class divisions, along with the realistic and challenging shot set-ups are popular with all archers of all skill levels. No wonder these kill tournaments are so universally popular! Come out and shoot with us – “Feel the Spirit!”

This year, 2017, the Bearpaw Kill Tournament will be held in 4 participating countries.

Great Britain is famous for its rich archery history and we all recognize her as one of the mother countries of archery. We are especially proud to be able to share our deep ‘Spirit of Archery’ with the UK in cooperation with all the archers of the Wild Geese Field Archers organization.

Henry Bodnik says “My team and I will be working hard to make this one of our best ever kill tournaments. Our goal is to set up challenging yet very fun shot situations at every target. We’re going to do our best to make the shots at this tournament the best we’ve ever had!  I am also looking forward to teaching my first Instinctive Archery bow course in the UK. All of us here at Bearpaw Products are grateful for all the fans and supporters we have in the UK. I am especially excited and looking forward to meeting so many new instinctive archers.”

For more information on the 1st ever Bearpaw Kill Tournament in the UK – Please refer to the tournament flier shown below or contact Wild Geese Field Archers.

Phone: 0044 (0) 783 3330022

Wild Geese Field Archers Facebook


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