Bickerstaffe Flatbows are now in stock!

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Bickerstaffe Flatbows are now in stock!

The Longbow Shop is now stocking Bickerstaffe Flatbows.

This primitive pyramidal design bow gives you all you need from a traditional flat bow. Based on a design roughly 5000 years old this bow is a total dream to shoot just like all Bickerstaffe products.

Our experiance of these bows is that they are both fast and consistent to shoot and are proving to be very popular with all our customers.

Can be shot right or left handed and is 74 inches tall. Comes with Horn nocks and a double loop flemish fastflight string and a full leather handstitched grip. Please click the video link to see Pip Bickerstaffe talking about this new range of bows.

Available in several combinations of woods such as Maple/Yew/Yew, Hickory/Purpleheart/Lemonwood, Hickory/Osage and custom orders are also available through the shop. Check out the full stock range.

Spine wood arrows 5lb higher than the bows marked poundage and bracing height is 6.5".

Classed as 'Primitive' for NFAS shooting class.

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